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Mosquito misting systems, whether using a 55 gallon drum or tankless machine, work by regularly spraying a desired protection area through misting nozzles. The nozzles are regularly spaced, connected by small diameter (1/4″) nylon tubing lines and mist a highly diluted insecticide and water mixture in the 150 to 240 PSI range. Eventually, over the course of a few weeks, you will have eliminated the adult mosquitoes living within your area.

The mosquito insecticides (pyrethrins) approved for use in these systems kill insects after contact by affecting their nervous system. Natural pyrethrum’s active ingredient is derived from chrysanthemum flower extract. Synthetic pyrethrum, also known as permethrin, are the two most widely used products and both are low in toxicity. There are non-toxic products available with active ingredients like rosemary or gerianol, as well as repellents, such as orange and cedar oil. Pyrethrins are contact sprays. This means you are only killing bugs when the mosquito mist makes contact. Larvicide should be placed monthly into areas that periodically collect standing water for a complete mosquito management program.

The vast majority of mosquito species become active one to three hours before dark. They are most active at dawn and dusk and feed primarily on birds throughout the evening until 1:00 AM. There are also species that are active during daylight hours including those that may transmit the Zika virus. Every property is a unique situation. In order to maximize effectiveness, you will need to experiment with the best times to spray if the default settings are not getting the job done; for how long and at what cycle frequency. Excellent mosquito control results are achieved either by spraying more frequent shorter spray durations or less frequent and longer sprays. You are the results barometer and should make adjustments as necessary.


mosquitomax tankless mosquito misting system

Our tankless system incorporates all of the above features plus delivers the freshest possible product, is wall mountable, takes up zero ground space, has more than twice the concentrate capacity, is quicker to refill and can spray water only.

55-gal barrel

mosquitomax 55 gallon barrel mosquito misting system full view

55 gallon drum systems were invented in the 1980’s to spray in livestock facilities where fly control was desired. Our 55 gallon drum system incorporates a software based controller with a temperature sensor that provides automatic efficiencies during the cooler months by not spraying when temperatures are below 50°F as well as pump protection during sudden freezing temperatures plus a fluid level switch that will shut the system down when the fluid level is low which also protects your pump. Most manufacturers do not offer these features so buyer beware.

On both systems

Our programming menus are simple to navigate and can be programmed for on demand only, for one or seven days a week, and from 15 to 120 seconds per spray cycle using any approved mosquito insecticide. Two to three minutes per day on average should provide good initial results and can be reduced and tailored to your own needs after initial infestations are brought under control.

Refilling & Maintenance for
Mosquito Misting Machines

Tankless System

Refilling is easily done no matter how much concentrate is left by just adding more to the large mouth graduated container. Once per year we recommend cleaning the detachable mixing tank and for hard freeze climates watch our videos to winterize and de-winterize.

Barrel System

Depending on how much fluid is remaining, you must read the chemical label and determine how much concentrate you need for how much water you will be adding. When empty, we recommend filling the tank 1/2 way with the garden hose, then add the insecticide, then insert the hose end under the water eliminating splash and filling to the top so you don’t get a bunch of air bubbles and foam. No stirring or agitation is required since the chemical emulsification formulations have been greatly improved since 2010.

During the winter, it is advised in hard freeze climates that your pump be winterized and that you fill your tank close to the top with water to protect your fluid level switch. We also recommend at least once per year, emptying and thoroughly cleaning your tank and suction filter.

Our mosquito misting systems can be professionally installed.​


MosquitoMax® Misting Systems Difference

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