MOSQUito misting systems

99.9% of the insecticides used in mosquito misting systems are Pyrethrins and Pyrethroids because they have been proven effective and have a short or no residual life span. Pyrethrins turn inert immediately after drying, and Pyrethroids have a 2-4 hour residual life before there is no killing power left. Sunlight and rain will degrade and wash away these products as well.

Chrysanthemum pyrethrin and pyrethroids insecticides

Many websites and blogs tout about the organic nature of these products and that they are natural products made from chrysanthemum flowers which are true, but organic does not necessarily mean they are non-toxic. If you want to make sure you are using a non-toxic product it must be what the EPA labels a FIFRA-25B product. An example is Essentria, a rosemary oil compound, which is what we use if a completely non-toxic insecticide is requested.

Incidental exposure to these highly diluted insecticides when used as directed poses no health risk unless there is a rare allergy. It is still wise for people and pets to avoid the mist. Also, teach your children that if they see the mosquito system misting go inside and stay out of the direct spray.


We use a micro-encapsulated insecticide for our barrier spray treatment.  Key benefits are immediate short-term results and low cost.  The amount of product applied in barrier spray is designed to kill small insects, so your pets are not affected and can return to your yard 30 minutes after treatment.


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