Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer a basic DIY mosquito misting package that will work for a simple to run installation, or purchase exactly what you need for your custom misting system. We provide installation and maintenance YouTube video instructions so you can professionally install your mosquito mist system and achieve optimum results.

A programmable timer automatically activates the misting system. High pressure tubing feeds a series of outdoor rated nozzles where the mosquito insecticide/ water solution is emitted as an ultra fine mist. Spray cycles are based on each individual site and can also be operated “on demand” via the control panel or a standard remote control.

We are very competitive on the initial installation and guarantee complete satisfaction. The larger benefit is that our tankless system mixes fresh insecticide every time, is more secure than a barrel and is more efficient, thereby, reducing your operating costs over time. We do offer both tankless and barrel systems. The price difference is about $500.

This is a function on how many nozzles you have, how many minutes per day your system is running and how many ounces of insecticide.  A 30-nozzle system running two minutes per day using 64 ounces of Riptide (standard container size) will last 79 days. Tankless refills last 10-30% longer than barrel systems depending on the position of their float switch in the tank.

One of the benefits of our tankless mosquito misting equipment is that it is engineered for the future and is capable of mixing any fluid with water in any dilution rate. We have not found a non-toxic solution that produces optimum results yet, so we recommend conventional pyrethrin solutions. As new products become available we are ready to test and implement them.

We recommend avoiding the spray no matter what solution is used. Exposure studies have documented that even the strongest products approved for use are generally considered safe when used as directed. Please refer to our Health and Safety tab for more information.

We offer a standard one year 100% parts and labor warranty on the machine for self-service customers. We also offer a renewable service plan for our full-service customers, which includes an always charged system, all scheduled maintenance, and a 100% parts and labor warranty on the entire installed mosquito mist system as long as you are on our plan.

The objective is to surround and cover a target area when the mosquito misting system activates. We use fences, eaves, shrubbery and trees when possible. For remote landscaped areas we use sprinkler system type risers. All lines are buried and careful installation techniques are used to make the entire system virtually invisible.

Yes, but first you need to clean your areas. We will then apply a micro-encapsulated residual product with a backpack sprayer to blanket the area. We recommend applying this residual treatment once per year to achieve optimal results.