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Mosquito Control System Tankless Technology

Mosquito Control SystemMosquitoMax developed the first major advance in mosquito control system technology in 2005. Instead of a huge drum (typically 55 gallons) of a pre-mixed water and chemical solution, our mosquito misting system uses a concentrated chemical which feeds an agitation system plumbed to water. This key innovation has a number of distinct advantages. The misting system is 75% smaller, has a longer refill life, delivers the freshest possible product and is more efficient by eliminating the chemical waste inherent with reservoir systems.

The Achilles heel of the 55 gallon drum systems has been the inability to keep the insecticide mixed. Pre-mixed chemicals will separate over time causing inconsistent results. Additional chemicals are added in an attempt to avoid chemical separation, but these mixing agents can be harmful to your landscape. In addition to the physical eyesore, chemical waste is also a problem. Refills are needed when a switch shuts down the system to protect the pump. When this happens there is roughly 10% of the misting fluid left in the drum that you have paid for but cannot use.  Some reservoir manufacturers don’t even install float switches, which means your mosquito misting system will try to run even when it’s empty, causing catastrophic misting system pump damage.

Tankless InstructionsOur programming menus are easy to navigate and automatic sensors reduce chemical and nozzle replacement costs including automatic leak detection and shut down. Another advantage with our mosquito control system is more insecticide choices and you are not locked in to any proprietary refills. The MosquitoMax tankless system is easily adaptable to an older barrel systems network of tubing and spray nozzles so upgrading to our system is easily accomplished.

Other tankless models require proprietary refill cartridges and must rest on the ground due to their bulky design and weight. Our compact misting systems are designed to mount on a wall and are lockable for unmatched security.

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