mosquitomax tankless mosquito misting systemMosquitoMax® developed the first major advance in mosquito control system technology in 2005. Instead of a large drum (typically 55 gallons) taking up space in your backyard filled with pre-mixed water and chemical solution, our mosquito misting system uses a concentrated chemical which feeds an agitation system plumbed to water.

This key innovation has a number of distinct advantages. The misting system is 75% smaller, quicker to service, has a longer refill life, delivers the freshest possible product and can spray water only during testing, thereby reducing environmental impact.

Our temperature sensor reduces chemical usage on days below 50 degrees as well as protects your pump during freezing temperatures. The machine also has automatic leak detection and shut down. Another advantage with our tankless system is more insecticide choices. Our system is engineered to mix any chemical with water in any dilution rate and can be calibrated so when new products are developed, our system is ready use immediately without any rebuilding of the mechanisms.

Other tankless models require proprietary refill cartridges and must rest on the ground due to their bulky design and weight. Our compact, zero footprint, misting systems are designed to mount on a wall, which is prevents system damage if your home were to flood. Lastly, the MosquitoMax® machine is lockable for unmatched security.

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MosquitoMax® Misting Systems Difference

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