How to get rid of mosquitoes in your yard

Especially in coastal areas with dense mosquito populations, it can be extremely difficult to get rid of mosquitoes. It can seem like the buzzing is never ending and you can’t even walk outside without constantly swatting them away, only to come inside and still be covered in huge itchy red welts. The worst.

The key to managing the mosquito population is prevention. We believe in treating the problem at it’s source by killing larva to prevent breeding, and then killing any adult mosquitoes before they even get the chance to bite you.

Look for breeding grounds

It takes just a few days for mosquitoes to breed in standing water.

mosquito life cycle

The mosquito starts as an egg which can be laid on the surface of the water. The egg molts into larva, then pupa, then adult.  If water temperatures are warm, this can happen in as little as five days.

Dump any standing water

Take a quick look around your home and look for any areas that tend to collect water. The most common culprits are:

  • bird baths
  • wheelbarrows
  • buckets
  • woodpiles
  • ponds
  • kiddie pools
  • children’s toys
  • old tires
  • leaf piles
  • flower pots & saucers

These are the areas on your property where mosquitoes are most likely to breed, so be sure to dump the water from these areas often to get rid of mosquitoes before they are even born.

Treat standing water

Sometimes, standing water can’t be dumped. Catch basins, tree holes, and sluggish drainage create the perfect environment for mosquitoes to breed.

We recommend treating these areas with larvicide. We are always looking for ways to treat the problem at its source, so we always look for areas of concern and include larvicide treatment with every service call.

Temporary mosquito control

mosquito fog treatment

We provide fog treatments that are an effective and affordable solution, but temporary. Fog treatments last 3-4 weeks.

We use a microencapsulated insecticide for our barrier spray treatment applied with a backpack sprayer. This works as a mosquito repellent to provide a great solution to eliminate those annoying mosquitoes and other flying insects. The treatment provides a barrier to keep further mosquitoes from entering the area, in addition to killing existing mosquitoes on contact so your yard is ready for you to enjoy.

Permanent mosquito control solution

Our patented MOSQUITOMAX™ automated misting system is a series of nozzles that are installed on the perimeter of your yard, along the eaves of your house, along the fence line and sometimes in flowerbeds. The nozzles mist out a chemical 2-3 times a day, when mosquitoes are most active.

The spray times, spray duration, chemical concentration, and number of nozzles are highly customizable to ensure your specific yard is covered adequately and mosquito population is eliminated.

We offer two types of systems – a 55-gallon barrel unit and a tankless unit. The 55-gallon is a bit cheaper, but the tankless is more popular because it is more aesthetically pleasing and more advanced technology. With professional installation, most of our customers note that the system isn’t even noticeable unless it’s actively spraying. But what is noticeable – is the lack of mosquitoes!

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