“Mosquito misting system? I didn’t even know this existed!”

We hear this so often from customers who had no idea this technology existed until they hit Google looking for relief from their insane mosquitoes.

The MOSQUITOMAX™ tankless mosquito misting system

Our patented MOSQUITOMAX™ mosquito misting system consists of a control box that is connected to a series of nozzles around your yard. The nozzles are installed onto the eaves of your house and along the fence line. 

The control box houses the electronic system and motor, as well as a reservoir for concentrated insecticide.

Interior view of MOSQUITOMAX™ tankless misting system.
Interior view of MOSQUITOMAX™ tankless misting system.

A line of nylon tubing runs from the control box to the misting nozzles. Tubing is available in black, white, tan, and natural (clear-ish white) and in matched to your home during installation to be aesthetically pleasing. Nozzles are placed every 8-10 feet around the yard.

Misting nozzle on fence
Misting nozzle on fence

Misting nozzles can also be placed on trees or in flowerbeds by running the tubing underground and connecting to a riser.  

Riser nozzle in flowerbed
Riser nozzles in flowerbed

Over the course of a few weeks, all of the adult mosquitoes living within your area will be eliminated.

Mosquito misting insecticide

The insecticides approved for use in misting systems kill insects after contact by affecting their nervous system. Pyrethrin-based insecticides only kill mosquitoes that make contact with the chemical. Natural and synthetic pyrethrins are low in toxicity and the most effective.

Misting systems also capable to run repellents such as cedar, orange and garlic oils as non-toxic alternatives. These chemicals work by clogging the insect’s pores and are typically less effective, so they require more frequent spraying.

When to spray for mosquitoes

In order for the mist to make contact with the pest, we recommend spraying multiple times per day and when mosquitoes are most active. This is usually in the early hours of the morning and a few hours before sunset.

Each MOSQUITOMAX™ misting system also comes with a remote that allows you to spray on-demand. You can also suspend spraying for 24 hours or enable “spray water only” mode, which is useful when you are on vacation. It’s important to keep the system on and spraying so your nozzles do not clog, but no chemical is wasted.

Customize your mosquito control

Every property has unique environmental factors such as landscaping, proximity to water, seasonal activity, recent rain, etc.

The MOSQUITOMAX™ misting system is highly customizable and can be adjusted according to your needs. We recommend starting with two 30-second spray times, one in the morning and one in the evening.

Two to three minutes per day on average should provide good initial results. It can be reduced and tailored to your own needs after initial infestations are under control.

If you are still being bothered by mosquitoes, tweak your settings to find what works best for your yard. You can spray more often, for longer duration, at a higher concentration, install more nozzles, or try a different chemical.

We are here to help and happy to troubleshoot with you. Just give us a call and we will talk through various solutions.

Look for potential mosquito breeding grounds

Mosquito misting is a highly effective method to control your mosquito population, but it’s also important to treat the root of the problem. Be sure to look for places in your yard with standing water that may serve as a breeding ground for mosquitoes:

The easiest way to treat these areas is simple. Dump any standing water once a week. It only takes 10-14 days for mosquitoes to breed, so being consistent is key.

For areas that cannot be dumped and collect stagnant water, larvicide pucks or granules can be applied on a monthly basis.

Mosquito misting system safety

The MOSQUITOMAX™ tankless misting system is lockable and incorporates an air-gap, which prevents contaminated water from entering the water supply line.

Tremendous agitation takes place in the misting system during every spray cycle, which produces maximum efficacy whether using pyrethrins or repellents.

Additional benefits include consistent insecticide to water ratios and constant fluid turn over, which eliminates chemical separation and fungus growth.

The chemical used in mosquito misting systems (pyrethrin) is derived from the chrysanthemum flower. 99.9% of the insecticides used in mosquito misting systems are pyrethrins and (synthetic) pyrethroids because they have been proven effective and have a short or no residual life span. Pyrethrins turn inert immediately after drying, and pyrethroids have a 2-4 hour residual life before there is no killing power left. Sunlight and rain will degrade and wash away these products as well.

Economical and environmental benefits of mosquito control

The MOSQUITOMAX™ misting system is (at minimum) 10% more efficient than 55-gallon reservoir systems. It delivers the added benefit of chemical strength adjustment and chemical rotation. These exclusive features allow the user to determine the amount and type of insecticide required for effective mosquito control. This reduces operating costs and is environmentally responsible.

Tankless mosquito misting system maintenance

With regular service, the MOSQUITOMAX™ misting system is low-maintenance.

Due to fresh chemical being mixed on demand, nozzles are less likely to clog. 55-gallon barrel systems are more likely to clog nozzles due to chemical coagulating as it sits in between misting sessions.

The only element requiring regular attention is chemical refills.

Contact us for mosquito misting

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