Best Mosquito Control For The South: Easy DIY Misting System

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While many states get to enjoy the normal mosquito season, late spring through the early fall months, those of us in the southern, humid states know all too well that the best mosquito control is needed for much of the year, and you can utilize our easy do-it-yourself misting system to keep these pests away! States like Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas face more humidity, which mosquitos thrive in, throughout the year than many other regions, so having a mosquito control structure, like a misting system, is vital in order to keep these disease-spreading insects away and to reclaim your backyard.

While springtime in the south is a hotbed for mosquitos, we understand that these insects are an issue almost everywhere in the States, so we deliver our mosquito misting system, and any accessories needed, nationwide!

Why Mosquito Control Misting Systems Are Extra Important for Southern States

Mosquito season in the south stretches from March all the way to October, with the peak season starting in April and lasting through September. However, because states like Texas, Florida, and those with similar climate conditions, often have humid days that pop up even in the wintertime, these potentially dangerous insects are always lurking since all they need to become active is a climate above 50 degrees.

Aside from being an itchy nuisance, Mosquitos carry all sorts of diseases and viruses that they can spread to you and your family, including children and pets. Because of this, it is important to have a high-quality mosquito control system from a company that you trust.

And if you want a mosquito control method that is of top quality and saves you money, MosquitoMax has your back with our patented do-it-yourself misting system.

Below is a quick outline of the easy process it takes to install our DIY misting system, but first let’s examine the benefits of why this mosquito control structure by MosquitoMax functions better than others, including providing more value and safety measures.  

MosquitoMax Didn’t Invent Mosquito Control Misting Systems, But We Perfected It

Those of us in Texas know how many 50-plus degree days we get during the so-called winter “season,” so we pride ourselves in our misting system that is built to run as often as you need it to all year long.

The Performance and Value of Our Mosquito Misting System

Our state-of-the-art misting system delivers the product in the freshest way possible, because the solution is mixed on demand. In addition, it is designed with an option to only spray water when in test mode, which both greatly reduces the environmental impact of the mosquito control structure and saves you money.   

Let’s take a look at how this state-of-the-art machinery works, which is available for delivery nationwide.

  • Our patented mosquito misting system utilizes innovative technology to allow you to monitor low water levels, keep a convenient digital log of spray times, and detect any leaks that may occur.
  • If an issue is detected, the machine shuts itself off, preventing damage while saving you money.
  • When the temperature drops below 50 degrees, our favorite temperature since mosquitos are then inactive, our patented misting system turns itself off automatically to reduce both cost and chemical usage alike!
  • Invented by our ingenious, expert engineers, our mosquito control system is designed to accurately mix any chemical with water for all levels of concentration.
  • In addition, the DIY MosquitoMax Mosquito Misting System can be calibrated so that when new products are developed and hit the market, the machine can easily be adjusted and ready to use without any rebuilding or the need for additional parts, another cost saver!
  • With our brilliant tankless misting system, because you can diagnose and troubleshoot issues easily and use only water to do so, you are never wasting chemicals or money.
  • And if the mosquito misting system is low on water or has a technical issue, it will shut itself off.
photo of a tankless mosquito control misting system
Our tankless mosquito misting system is unobtrusive and, because it is a light color, it can easily be painted to blend in, if you choose to do so.

The Aesthetics of the Mosquito Control System

Gone are the days of ugly, space-hogging misting systems with bulky tanks.

  • Our misting system is tankless, so not only is it more pleasing on the eyes, but it is 75% smaller than the barrel methods used by many other mosquito control companies.
  • What’s the point of spending money on a machine to put it in the ground for it to only become damaged later by strong weather conditions, like floods?! Our tankless misting system is designed to be mounted on the wall and is built to withstand all weather conditions, ensuring the machine is protected and continues to work efficiently.
  • Just because it is built to solve an ugly problem does not mean it has to look ugly – our mosquito control system can be painted to match the exterior of your beautiful home, blending in seamlessly.
  • And with our DIY method, any additional parts needed for your misting system, like spray nozzles, are structured to be installed where they remain out of the way and virtually out of sight.

Easy DIY Mosquito Control

Now that we have established what separates the MosquitoMax Mosquito Misting System from others, like the innovative engineering, overall design, and the money-saving features, let’s look at how easy it is to execute total mosquito control with our DIY method.  

Step One: Design Your Mosquito Misting System

In the short video below, MosquitoMax Co-Founder Jeff White reveals the simple process in locating where in your backyard the mosquito misting machine should be placed, as well as its components. He guides you through the process with easy-to-understand instructions, including:

  • The first step, which is to do a quick drawing of your backyard. This does not need to be a professional sketch by any means, as you will see by Jeff’s map in the video.
  • You will need to know a rough estimate of how many feet your backyard is and certain objects that it may contain, such as a swimming pool or flowerbeds.
  • where your power and water source are in your backyard because that is where you will install the mosquito misting system controller.
  • Nozzles should be spaced approximately eight to ten feet apart, which should be easy to mark with an “X” on your map, once you know the approximate size of your backyard.
  • Keep in mind, the misting system and its components, like nozzles, will all be above ground.
  • Jeff then goes on to show how to protect foliage, flowerbeds, and the like by marking where risers, or fixed sprinkler heads go.
  • In the quick video, which lasts just under eight minutes, he explains in detail the items you may need and where they should be installed for the misting system to execute total mosquito control.

Even if you do not have any technical yard experience at all, we at MosquitoMax have simplified this already easy process so that regardless of skill level, virtually anyone can install this do-it-yourself mosquito misting system.

Step Two: Order Your Misting System Parts

Once you have drawn the map of your backyard and followed the easy instructions in the video above, you will have a better understanding of what specific parts you will need in order to build your mosquito misting system, and then you will be ready for Step No. 3.

But before we get to the final stage in this easy do-it-yourself process, we want to make sure you know that in addition to our online store providing a full selection of competitively priced misting system parts, we are here to assist you personally.

We would love for you to give us a call to discuss your specific mosquito control needs and for us to answer any questions or address any concerns that you may have.

You can contact us by calling 877-523-2525 or 281-579-2525, email us at [email protected], or chat with us via our live chat button located in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

Step Three: Install Your Mosquito Control Equipment

Once you have called us to help you with your personalized misting system and ordered your competitively priced parts, you are now ready to install your system for complete mosquito control.

We provide a series of videos on our MosquitoMax YouTube channel. In addition, these misting system instructional videos are also located on our Self Installation page.

These quick – but detailed – tutorials encompass every part that you may need to assemble or install, depending on the design of your backyard, including:

  • Easy nozzle assembly
  • Installing tee nozzles on fences
  • Nozzle installation on eaves of your house
  • How to put riser nozzles in flowerbeds
  • And how to install and mount the tankless misting system controller

Let’s take a quick 60-second look of what the DIY process is for installing this system for full mosquito control.  

By clicking on the following, you cand download the instructions for your mosquito misting system controller.

DIY Mosquito Misting System for Backyards: Final Thoughts

We hope you have a better understanding of the simple steps involved in the do-it-yourself MosquitoMax Mosquito Misting System. We also hope the short videos above gave you a better understanding of what specific parts you may need in this backyard project to gain total mosquito control.

If you already feel like you know more than you did before visiting this page, just imagine how knowledgeable you will feel after watching the rest of your short video tutorials and after giving us a call to assist you with your needs.

Remember, we are always here to address any questions that you may have in order for you to confidentially install the mosquito misting system, so you can take back your yard from these pesky insects with ease and peace of mind.

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