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Fall Mosquitoes in Houston

In just two short weeks, Halloween will be upon us! How did the fall creep up on us so fast? Perhaps its because of the nearly 90-degree temperatures here in the Houston area… But don’t be fooled! Those Halloween decorations on the shelves and pumpkin spice lattes at the coffee shops tell me that fall (whether we like it or not) is here! With that being said, until Houston sees its first major cool front (with temperatures below 55 degrees), you are likely to still see those pesky mosquitos flying around. So, let’s chat about it! 

Although Mosquitos seem to disappear when it is cold...

They typically return with a vengeance as soon as the weather gets warmer, these obnoxious insects are actually present year-round – especially in South Texas. The cold-blooded pests are mostly inactive during the winter months because they prefer temperatures above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. When the thermometer drops below 55 degrees, they find a sheltered place to hibernate where the temperature stays warmer than the surrounding environment. When temperatures in Houston consistently start to hit in the 50’s, this is when we will begin noticing them less and less. But, as you may have guessed, the Houston area rarely sees temperatures hit below 55 degrees Fahrenheit so this is why it’s better for us to be prepared, and MOSQUITOMAX™ is here to give you all the tips and tricks.

Mosquitoes aren't the Only Species to Head South for the Winter

mosquitos this fall

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about mosquitos and if they come during the fall/winter months. We have customers call us occasionally to stop their spraying services once the fall hits thinking that the mosquito season is over. But, if you’ve lived in Houston long enough, you know the weather tends to trick us by making it seem like fall is here with a week-long cold front, but those nice temperatures love to leave us behind until January or February.

Having said that, this is the perfect time of year to take a look at what is actually going on down here in the south before it’s too late. Scientifically speaking, mosquitos begin to hibernate once a climate hits below 55 degrees three times in a row or more. However, mosquitos in the south are said to have developed an adaption to our winter climate. Scientists have found that our local mosquitos have modified their hibernation pattern where they wake up on warmer days and hibernate on the cold ones. Even in colder temperatures, females tend to be out and about seeking warmer bodies to drink their blood.

Culiseta Inornata and Anopheles Freeborni are two of the most common species that live in Texas and alarmingly become even more active during the cooler months.


Tips for Mosquito Control in Houston, Texas

mosquito fog treatment

If you are trying to control the mosquito population in your OWN yard, just remember this… mosquito eggs sit dormant for nearly 10 years before a drop of water can cause them to hatch. So, in a few months, when those wet and rainy springtime mornings are upon us, you’ll begin to see the effects of some of those hatched eggs. If you treat your yard with MosquitoMax™ year-round, you will never have to worry and will maintain a yard with almost zero mosquitos no matter what time of year it is. It typically takes about three full services to break the mosquito cycle.

Permanent Mosquito Control Solution

Our patented MOSQUITOMAX™ automated misting system is a series of nozzles that are installed on the perimeter of your yard, along the eaves of your house, along the fence line and sometimes in flowerbeds. The nozzles mist out a chemical 2-3 times a day, when mosquitoes are most active.

The spray times, spray duration, chemical concentration, and number of nozzles are highly customizable to ensure your specific yard is covered adequately and mosquito population is eliminated.

We offer two types of systems – a 55-gallon barrel unit and a tankless unit. The 55-gallon is a bit cheaper, but the tankless is more popular because it is more aesthetically pleasing and more advanced technology. With professional installation, most of our customers note that the system isn’t even noticeable unless it’s actively spraying. But what is noticeable – is the lack of mosquitoes!

If You Were A Mosquito, What Would You Do?

In the meantime, think like a mosquito! No, seriously… if you were a mosquito, what would you be attracted to? Well, humid and wet areas for one. Mosquitoes need water to hatch their eggs so your biggest focus should be on making sure that there are no muggy areas in your yard. But please note, just a tablespoon of water is enough for 300 eggs, so don’t just lookout for large puddles. Take a look at your kids’ toys, plant pots, cups, open trash cans, and gutters. Piles of leaves and/or brand-new mulch are also attractive to mosquitos!

So, as you’re outside enjoying the cooler temperatures, remove water-attractive objects from your yard. And for all those customers who are in need of a mosquito service this fall, give us a call today! There is no wrong time to prepare for those pesky mosquitos in Houston, Texas. Happy fall from all of us at MOSQUITOMAX™!

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