Outdoor Misting Systems vs Citronella Torches

Outdoor Misting System Versus Torches

What’s the Best for Your Yard

Although backyard torches are popular for keeping pesky mosquitoes away, an outdoor misting system is far superior to any citronella torch. Living in Houston, you’re probably familiar with the number of mosquitoes in the area. Mosquitoes mean annoying itches and unsightly bites, as well as disease and illness, like the Zika virus. That means you need something that will keep them away from your home. When looking at the overall effectiveness, you want something that will take care of your problem. Don’t just go for fewer bites. Go for a mosquito repellent that will keep away your mosquitoes for good.


Torch candles say they help keep away mosquitoes but overall the results and reasonably unpredictable. You want something that makes sure that you have no bites, not less. Unlike torch candles, an outdoor misting system produces cumulative results to make sure you’re virtually bite-free. The way citronella works is that the scent and the smoke ward off the unwanted mosquitoes. You need to make sure that there are always torches between you and the mosquitoes. Also, torches only work when they are lit. A misting system, however, creates a preventative barrier between you and the mosquitoes that both kills and repels them at the same time.


One of the other issues with backyard torches is fire. If you’re going to have open flames around, you have to be careful of your surroundings. And if there are children present, or if someone accidently knocks one over, an accident may be likely. With an outdoor misting system, you don’t have to worry about the possibility of flames catching fire. The misting system does not use fire at all. Instead, it mists only once or twice a day, using a timer, and as the chemicals are not accessible, there’s no need to stress about possible dangers.

Don’t Waste Money on a Maybe

The possibility of torches or candles working isn’t worth spending money on. Even if you surround yourself with them, you’d have to be within range for the smoke to block away from the mosquitoes. As mentioned before, the candles must stay lit for them to work. You’re only spending for a possibility of keeping you bite-free for a short amount of time. Don’t waste money on a maybe. Instead, save your money and purchase something you know that’ll get the job done. With a misting system, you’re paying for a long-term repellent to keep mosquitoes out of your yard for good. Plus, you’re also getting the results you’ve been looking for.

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An outdoor misting system outperforms torch citronella candles and torches in every category. If you’re serious about repelling mosquitoes, then get serious about your strategy. Contact MosquitoMax today at  or contact us online to start treating your yard and put an end to your mosquito problem.

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