MosquitoMax Misting Systems

Mosquito misting systems, whether using a 55 gallon barrel or tankless machine, work by regularly spraying a desired protection area through misting nozzles. Those nozzles are connected by small diameter (1/4″) nylon tubing lines with a highly diluted insecticide & water mixture in the 150 to 240 PSI range. Eventually, (over the course of a few weeks you will have eliminated all of the adult mosquitoes living within your area. The mosquito insecticides approved for use in these systems kill insects after contact by affecting their nervous systems. Natural pyrethrum is low in toxicity and considered safer than synthetic pyrethrum also known as Permethrin. The reason is because after the natural solution dries, it leaves no residual poison, which is not true of the man-made alternative. Non-toxic minimum risk rosemary based organic insecticides and repellents, such as orange and cedar oil, can also be used and are the safest. Pyrethrins are contact sprays. This means you are only killing bugs when the mosquito mist makes contact. Larvicide should be placed monthly into areas that periodically collect standing water for a complete mosquito management program.

The vast majority of mosquito species usually become active one to three hours before dusk. They are most active at night, feeding primarily on birds from dark to 1:00AM. There are also species that are active during daylight hours including those who may transmit the Zika virus. Every property is a unique situation. In order to maximize the effectiveness, you as the homeowner, will need to experiment with the times you spray, for how long and at what strength. Excellent mosquito control results are achieved either by spraying more frequent shorter spray durations or less frequent and longer sprays. You are the results barometer and should make the adjustments necessary to responsibly eliminate and control the mosquitoes in your particular area.

We Offer Tankless and 55 Gallon Barrel Machines:

55 gallon barrel machines were invented in the 1980’s to spray in livestock facilities where fly control was desired. Tank machines are bulkier, but less expensive than tankless machines. The MosquitoMax tankless system was engineered to allow the operator the ability to kill and control mosquitoes without having to measure and mix chemicals. Once the nozzle quantity and spray times are entered, the self-contained system will pump the desired amount of concentrated insecticide into a vented mixing tank plumbed to water. Our tankless mosquito misting system is lockable and incorporates an air-gap, which prevents contaminated water from entering the water supply line. Additional benefits are consistent insecticide to water ratios and constant fluid turn over, which reduces fungus growth.

Both machines incorporate temperature sensors and software based controllers that provide automatic efficiencies during the cooler months by not spraying when temperatures are below 50°F plus pump protection during freezing temperatures. The systems are simple to operate and can be programmed for on demand only for one or seven days a week and from 15 to 120 seconds per spray cycle using any approved mosquito insecticide. Two to three minutes per day on average should provide good initial results and can be reduced and tailored to your own needs after initial infestations are brought under control.


MosquitoMax Tankless vs. 55 Gallon Barrel Maintenance:

Our tankless misting system requires the periodic cleaning of a detachable mixing tank. Concentrated insecticide is easily replenished by pouring into a large mouth graduated 128-340 oz. container providing up to five times the capacity of a 55 gallon tank machine. Our electronic controller is the most advanced in the industry. A wireless remote control allows spray on demand, 24 hour suspends or a spray water only function. This keeps your nozzles clear during a prolonged absence from your property. Barrel systems also require periodic cleaning of the suction filter. During the winter, it is advised in hard freeze climates that your tank be kept full to eliminate the potential freezing and cracking of the tank fluid level switch which is made of plastic. No agitation is required since the chemical emulsification formulations have been greatly improved since 2010.

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MosquitoMax Misting System Difference:

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