Mosquito Control Systems for Standing Water in Drainage

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Control Mosquitoes in Your Area

When it comes to preventing the spread of Zika and other mosquito-borne diseases, mosquito control systems play a crucial role. One critical element of any mosquito control system must be concerned with standing water. This is where mosquitoes breed. Even just two mosquitoes can quickly become an army of mosquitoes in just a short amount of time when left near a source of standing water. Not every water source can be ’emptied out’. Buckets, bowls, flower pots, baby pools, and the like, can be easily managed by a routine at home inspection, but what can you do about your drainage system? In most cases, you can’t even get to it, or don’t even think about it, because it lays below ground through a narrow grate or other opening. Where standing water cannot be emptied, it must instead be treated.

Standing Water and Mosquitos

If you have standing water in a drainage system in your yard, then you’ve probably noticed mosquitos around. Mosquitos like to hang around standing water because it’s a place for them to breed. Of course, in a place like Houston, this gives them plenty of places to breed. If there’s standing water around your home, take action.

Many drainage systems are designed with a catch basin to collect debris so the pipes stay clear. This can create standing water and is a major breeding source of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes only need a capful of water to lay their eggs (larvae) and breed in stagnant or slow moving water. If you have a drainage system, inspect it regularly for standing water and mosquito larvae. Talk to your neighbors and involve them as well. It’s important for the entire neighborhood to take mosquito control seriously to control the spread of disease.

Kill Mosquito Larvae

To prevent mosquitoes from breeding use an EPA approved larvicide such as the one used in our Larvanator product. The Larvanator is a new tool that dispenses larvicide granules every 30 days automatically into your French drains, catch basins and culverts. The larvicide will not float away because it sinks to the bottom, unlike some products that float away. It treats the water to stop mosquitoes before they become adults.

Stop the Zika Virus

It may be impossible to get rid of ALL standing water in Houston, but there is another way to prevent the Zika Virus from entering into your neighborhood. Remove objects around your home that hold standing water such as:

  • water bowls
  • buckets
  • flowerpot saucers
  • birdbaths
  • rain barrels
  • baby pools, floats and toys

These can help eliminate additional mosquitoes within the area. Also, improving sanitation around the area helps. Remove organic wastes like leaves and animal wastes from water to keep from providing food for larvae.

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