Maintaining your mosquito misting system is an important step for optimized performance. Mosquito misting systems need to be serviced regularly; this ensures you are well prepared for the mosquito season.

General Maintenance

Filling the chemical concentrate, checking nozzles for clogs, clean or replace your filter, making sure there are no leaks are things to do before and during season. If you find any problems, you can clean or replace your filter and/or nozzles and make other needed repairs. Of course if you are on a service plan with a mosquito misting company, they should be doing these things for you. A service plan is the best way to ensure proper maintenance.

tankless mosquito misting system

We recommend the following maintenance schedule for most systems:

MosquitoMax offers a comprehensive annual service agreement and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the products we sell. Our annual service agreement covers regular service visits and scheduled maintenance. Any repairs or replacement parts including labor are covered 100% under this plan.

We also offer on-site repair to Houston and surrounding area homes and businesses – SugarLand, The Woodlands, Kingwood, Spring, Memorial, Katy, Richmond and more. No matter if you’ve purchased one of our misting systems or another brand, we can service and repair it. In fact, we believe we are the most comprehensive service and repair company out there.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer and need a part for your mosquito misting system, chances are we have it in stock. Check out our online store today and browse our wide variety of misting system parts and chemical. If you don’t know exactly what you need, email a picture of the part to replace to [email protected] or just give us a call. We stand behind our products and ready to help you get what you need. Customer service is our first priority!

Now let us look at other types of maintenance for your mosquito misting system!

Winter Maintenance of Your Mosquito System

If you live in a climate with extended freezes, you will need to get your misting system ready.

For a tankless system you can “winterize it”. This video shows you how to do that if you have a MosquitoMax Misting System.

If you live in Houston where there is year-round mosquito activity, and you continue to run your system, there could be a freeze (as we know!). The good news is if you have a MosquitoMax misting system it is programmed to stop spraying when the temperatures hit 50 degrees.

So now you understand the importance of maintenance on your misting system for optimal performance. Whether you choose to do it yourself or feel it isn’t for you and hire a professional, you should feel more comfortable with what regular service entails.