Fighting the World’s Deadliest Animal (with MosquitoMax™)

Worlds Deadliest Animal

When we think of deadly animals, we tend to think about sharks, snakes, and bears (oh my!). But, in fact, the deadliest animal in the world is by far the mosquito. Did you know that mosquitos kill more than 725,000 people every year?! Scary right…? This meager, long-legged insect that annoys, bites, and leaves you with an itchy welt is not just a nuisance – it can be very dangerous – but that’s okay! Read on to learn more about these tiny insects.

Protect Your Furry Friends

Before a backyard barbeque or a weekend camping trip in the mountains, we humans arm ourselves with bug sprays, citronella candles, and incense to repel mosquitoes, but we often forget to take the same precautions for our four-legged companions.

At first glance, mosquitoes may not seem like an issue for relatively furry animals, like dogs and cats, but having long hair doesn’t prevent them from getting bitten! While we generally associate mosquito bites with itching and irritation, they can also spread serious bacterial and parasitic infections, with one of the more deadly being, heartworm disease.

Mosquitoes play a critical role in transmitting heartworm from other wild host animals, like coyotes and foxes, to dogs and cats. Once mature, heartworms can live for five to seven years in dogs and up to two or three years in cats. Due to their longevity, each mosquito season poses a potential risk of increasing the number of worms in an infected pet. Not to mention, Houston seems to always be in mosquito season.

The best plan of action to keep your pets safe is to take longer-term preventive measures. Keep your furry family member safe by 1) removing standing water from your backyard, 2) avoid peak mosquito hours, and 3) find appropriate pet-safe products and sprays. But, the best preventative measure to really keep these pests away from your space is through a mosquito misting system or yard fog treatment.


Stay Safe with MosquitoMax™

As more and more people look for natural alternatives to use in their home and better yet, on themselves, the biggest question is, “are natural-based products as effective as chemically-based ones?” Today you can find soaps, detergents, cleaners, and cosmetics that use all-natural ingredients. And although most of us would probably prefer to use a natural-based product over a chemical-based product, that big question remains: are they really as effective in getting the job done? With this in mind, we decided to take a closer look at which natural products can be used to help people enjoy more time outdoors (without having to use greasy and smell bug spray).

Research shows mosquito sprays that contain natural essential oils, like as rosemary, lemongrass, peppermint, and garlic can be highly effective at repelling mosquitoes! Instead of filling your space with burning candles and store-bought sprays, you can use essential oils to knock out these annoying insects and keep them away.

So we can all agree that natural products are just as effective as chemical-based alternatives. But can a natural mosquito spray really protect you and your family from those backyard biters? When applied correctly by a trained professional, natural mosquito sprays do work! The health and safety of your home and family (furry family members, too!) are absolutely essential when it comes to mosquito prevention and the residential use of pesticides, such as our signature mosquito misting systems and backpack barrier spray.

Our home mosquito prevention systems use naturally derived, organic compounds and have been used by men and women for decades because of their insecticidal and insect-repelling properties. They are equally well known for their low toxicity to both animals and humans and were first used in livestock barns.


Be Your Own Hero

Did you know we also offer easy and basic DIY mosquito misting packages that will work for a simple installation in your yard? Installation and maintenance instructions complete with pictures are included, so you can easily install your very own mosquito misting system like a professional! Watch this video to learn how to design your own system – step 1 to installing your own personal mosquito misting system.

Check out our products and accessories online here.

So, the next time you get the itch to go natural, call MosquitoMax™! Don’t let those pesky mosquitos get under your skin! For more on how to treat your yard with a natural yet efficient spray, contact the professionals at MosquitoMax™. We look forward to hearing from you.

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