Mosquitos can be a nuisance, not to mention a health hazard. Many homeowners are now turning to mosquito misting systems to help keep their yards mosquito-free. But how effective are these systems at controlling the little buggers? Here we will discuss the benefits of using a misting system and why it is an important part of your lawn maintenance plan. 

How Do Mosquito Misting Systems Work?

Mosquito misting systems use a blend of insecticides specifically designed to kill mosquitoes and other insects. The solution is stored in tanks and then dispersed through a series of nozzles that are strategically placed around your yard. The nozzles are attached to the exterior walls and eaves of your home, as well as in any shady areas where mosquitoes tend to congregate. When the misting cycle is activated, the insecticide is released into the air, killing any existing mosquitos and preventing new ones from entering.

The MOSQUITOMAX™ tankless mosquito misting system

Our patented MOSQUITOMAX™ mosquito misting system is a little different and consists of a control box that is connected to a series of nozzles around your yard. The nozzles are installed onto the eaves of your house and along the fence line. The control box houses the electronic system and motor, as well as a reservoir for concentrated insecticide.

Interior view of MOSQUITOMAX™ tankless misting system.Interior view of MOSQUITOMAX™ tankless misting system.

A line of nylon tubing runs from the control box to the misting nozzles. Tubing is available in black, white, tan, and natural (clear-ish white) and matched to your home during installation to be aesthetically pleasing. Nozzles are placed every 8-10 feet around the yard.

The Benefits of Mosquito Misting Systems 

Misting systems provide several benefits for homeowners who want to keep their yards mosquito-free without resorting to harsh chemical treatments or sprays. 

  1. The first benefit is that they are very effective at controlling mosquito populations in yards and other outdoor spaces, making them ideal for people who like to spend time outdoors but don’t want to be bothered by mosquitos. 
  2. The mosquito misting system does not rely on harsh chemicals, so there is no risk of damaging plants or other vegetation when used correctly.
  3. By decreasing mosquito populations, this further helps reduce the transmission of West Nile, Zika, and other viruses that mosquitoes can carry.  

Misting systems also provide peace of mind for those who may have allergy concerns about certain insecticides or sprays used for pest control treatments. Because you know exactly what insecticides are being used in your misting system—and you can adjust your treatment regimen accordingly—you don’t have to worry about any potential allergic reactions or ill effects from certain chemicals being sprayed in your yard without your knowledge or consent.

Does it take a lot to maintain a mosquito misting system?

Tankless mosquito misting system maintenance

With regular service, the MOSQUITOMAX™ misting system is low-maintenance.

Due to fresh chemical being mixed on demand, nozzles are less likely to clog. 55-gallon barrel systems are more likely to clog nozzles due to chemical coagulating as it sits in between misting sessions.

The only element requiring regular attention is chemical refills.

We recommend the following maintenance schedule for most systems:

  • Clean/replace nozzles as needed
  • Clean/replace filters as needed (barrels only)
  • Inspect lines for leaks
  • Fill chemical as needed

Prep Your Yard for the Spring!

Overall, using a mosquito misting system can be an effective way to ensure that your yard remains free from pesky mosquitos while still providing protection against other insects that may try and make their home there too. So if you’re looking for an easy way to protect yourself and family from pesky mosquitoes this spring and summer season then investing in a mosquito misting system might be just what you need!

We ship our DIY Mosquito Misting Systems nationwide!  Installation and maintenance instructions complete with pictures are included, so you can easily install your very own mosquito misting system. Check out our how-to-install guide and visit our online store to purchase your system (and even reorder chemicals in the future!).