Easily Transform Your Patio Into A Watermelon-Eating Haven

Let’s face it, Houston can get hot in the summer. However, regardless of the heat, there’s no reason we shouldn’t enjoy time with family and friends outdoors if we wish. The best way to get everyone together is to host a backyard BBQ! One way to liven the mood of a BBQ is to spruce up your backyard. Don’t let the Houston heat scare you off from enjoying the outdoors with your loved ones this summer!

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Here are some quick and easy ways to make your outdoor living space into a summer fun retreat


Decorate Your Space

You can turn your backyard into a space for everyone to enjoy by having just a few essentials. Luckily, summer is the perfect time of year to pick up these items from your local store. All you need is some decorative outdoor lighting, a seating area for your guests to enjoy, and a grill to cook up some delicious food!

Revoke Uninvited Guests Invitation

mosquitos itchWe all think about the nostalgic memories we have from backyard BBQs in the past and we can’t help but carry those expectations into each party. Even though our memories are fun & positive there is one that we wish we could forget, and that is mosquitoes. It seems that we can’t escape them and the summertime Houston humidity doesn’t make it any better. 

Since mosquitoes are attracted to wet environments, it is best to make sure that you try to avoid any standing water in the backyard. This can include cups of drinking water that you have left outside, which is why it is important to clean up after your guests leave.

Other ways to avoid mosquitoes is to have mosquito-repellent plants in your backyard. Lavender is a popular option and these types of plants are a great solution because they add to your landscaping while keeping the pests away. Rosemary and basil are other valuable plants because they repel mosquitoes while providing you herbs that you can cook with. You may even be able to add these herbs into your recipes for your backyard BBQ! 

prepare mosquitos for summer

There are simple ways to prevent mosquitoes that are also beneficial to you. Essential oils are one of these ways. They not only keep mosquitoes aways, which is a perk, but also smell great! You can have an essential oil diffuser in your house near doorways and windowsills that will repel mosquitoes while making your house smell amazing. 

Making sure your landscaping is looking trim is an unexpected way to prevent mosquitoes. Mosquitoes love to gather in areas of overgrown grass, dead plants, and weeds. Even though it feels too hot to get outside and do yard work, it’s a necessity for mosquito prevention. Choose a morning or evening, when it’s still cool out, to get out and do some yard work!

Don’t forget…fun and games!

Now that you have your essentials for your backyard BBQ, you can move on to the fun stuff! 

Do you have a pool in your backyard? Pick up some fun new floats to relax on. Or a net for everyone to enjoy a friendly game of volleyball in the pool. If you don’t have a pool, don’t fret! There are plenty of activities you can play that don’t require the water, including ladder golf and cornhole. These are great games for all ages and can take your party to the next level.

Having an activity for people to bond over will create memories that your loved ones will hold on to for years to come!

Summertime Snacks and S’mores

Everyone comes to a cookout with a large appetite and ready to eat. On top of that, the heat can make anyone hungry. This is why it’s best to have some snacks on-hand for everyone to enjoy in the meantime. 

Since a snack spread is a big part of a backyard barbecue make sure to have your table looking nice. This is as easy as having a classic red checkered tablecloth, fun plates & napkins, and seasonal snacks. You can even find some fun summertime recipes that you have never tried before!

A backyard BBQ party in Houston is not complete without a good dessert. A staple summertime dessert is s’mores. They’re a treat that everyone loves so make sure to have marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers on hand. Have the fire going at the end of the night and everyone can gather around to have a sweet treat and make memories!

Safety First!

The sun always seems to feel stronger in Houston than anywhere else. Even though we make our best memories under the summer sun, it can still be harmful if we aren’t careful. 

With these strong summer rays can come a painful sunburn so it’s always good to have a few bottles of sunscreen around to protect your skin. Along with protecting your skin comes protecting your eyes. A good pair of polarized sunglasses can do the job!

The sun won’t be the only heat source at your backyard BBQ party. Your grill and fire pit both have open flames and can get very hot. To keep everyone safe from accidents, it’s best to have a fire extinguisher readily available.

Always choose to be safe rather than sorry, so you can have a fun backyard party!

DJ, turn the radio up!

One thing everyone can agree on is that we all love music! Music is an essential part of everyday life, so it’s a given that it’s a necessity for a backyard BBQ. Music can help to set the mood of the party and keep the mood of your guests upbeat throughout the night. It can even get some people up on their feet and dancing! You can make a playlist of your favorite songs and have it play throughout the night. Even easier, you can choose a radio station and just turn up the volume!

How MosquitoMax® Can Help

Mosquitoes can easily put a damper on your summer backyard BBQ fun. However, MosquitoMax® can ensure that they don’t ruin your backyard activities! MosquitoMax® offers a tankless mosquito misting system that is unobtrusive and, because it is a light color, it can easily be painted to blend in, if you choose to do so. Gone are the days of ugly, space-hogging misting systems with bulky tanks. If you are looking for an evergreen option to protecting your backyard from mosquitoes, check out the benefits it can offer here:

  • Our misting system is tankless, so not only is it more pleasing on the eyes, but it is 75% smaller than the barrel methods used by many other mosquito control companies.
  • What’s the point of spending money on a machine to put it in the ground for it to only become damaged later by strong weather conditions, like floods?! Our tankless misting system is designed to be mounted on the wall and is built to withstand all weather conditions, ensuring the machine is protected and continues to work efficiently.
  • Just because it is built to solve an ugly problem does not mean it has to look ugly – our mosquito control system can be painted to match the exterior of your beautiful home, blending in seamlessly.
  • And with our DIY method, any additional parts needed for your misting system, like spray nozzles, are structured to be installed where they remain out of the way and virtually out of sight.


tankless mosquito misting system

Mosquitos can quickly ruin your outdoor fun this summer. MosquitoMax® can ensure your backyard is comfortable and prepped for all your upcoming outdoor activities. For the most effective control, consider a professional mosquito treatment or service. Contact MosquitoMax® today for quick and reliable service, or visit our online store to view our multitude of mosquito repelling products. You’ll soon be on your way to a festive, summer celebration in your outdoor space!

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