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MosquitoMax® Launches Groundbreaking New Tool for Mosquito Control


The Larvanator ALD-365 is a patent-pending automatic larvicide dispensing device that works year-round to eliminate mosquito larva in catch basins, french drains, culverts, drainage systems and other places that hold standing water. The product is a major breakthrough in integrated mosquito management for both homeowners and municipalities. The Larvanator is ideal for use in residential yard spaces, as well as, parks, playgrounds, golf courses, school grounds and municipal storm drain infrastructure.

Simple Concept

The Larvanator ALD-365 fastens quickly to the underside of any catch basin cover and automatically dispenses a professional grade insect growth into the catch basin every 30 days once activated. It runs on one 9-volt battery, which is replaced once per year. The constant presence of larvicide kills mosquito larva, preventing them from becoming adult mosquitoes. “The Larvanator ALD-365 is ingenious,” states a manager at the Harris County Mosquito Control District. Consistently introducing larvicide into standing water throughout the year has never been done before automatically.

Combat Mosquitoes at their Source

The Larvanator was developed in response to a problem the company found when identifying the source of breeding mosquitoes. Even after aerial spraying to control adult mosquitoes, larva were clearly visible in drains that held standing water. The only solution at the time was to apply larvicide granules by hand, which is not cost-effective or long lasting. Inventor Jeff White states, “This invention is a game changer for the industry. It eliminates larva growth where it’s installed, which reduces the need to spray for adult mosquitoes.” White added, “You can’t always eliminate the water source, so you must treat it. When you treat the source of the problem, you have a good foundation for a successful integrated mosquito management program.”

Zika Virus

Just in time to help fight the Zika virus, the Larvanator is an effective tool that can be used in any catch basin or drainage system that holds water. Unlike larvicide “dunks” that can float away, and at best only work for about a month, the Larvanator automatically dispenses fresh granules every 30 days, continuously killing mosquito larva for up to one year.

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Are Mosquito Misting Systems Necessary?

Did you know that one in 10 people are more susceptible to mosquito bites? According to the experts, female mosquitoes, which use human blood to develop fertile eggs, may show bias over whom they choose to bite. The best protection against mosquito bites and the diseases they carry is a quality mosquito misting system.

It’s difficult for reMosquito Misting Systemsearchers to determine what key factors qualify someone as a ‘mosquito magnet’.  There is still a lot of research that needs to be conducted on the factors that might make one person more attractive to mosquitoes”.

Scientists are looking into at least 400 different compounds that could be the key. Body chemistry and genetics could also account for 85% of mosquito vulnerability.

Whether you’re more prone to mosquitoes or not, it’s better to ensure that all members of your friends and family are protected this summer! Make sure that your outdoor residential misting system is in proper working order. Be sure to contact us at Mosquito Max or call us at 281-579-2525 locally or 877-523-2525 toll-free if you need your system repaired or have any additional questions. (see brochure)